Brand Renewal


Corporate-wide change — new CEO, crisis, acquisition — often brings on the urge to rebrand: out with the old, in with the new … and also the expensive and the exhausting. Sometimes a new logo, name, and/or tagline are necessary, but a facelift does not necessarily alter personality.

Your organization survives – and, hopefully, thrives — today because of the struggles and successes of the past. Do you really want to toss aside years of reputation-building equity for a new look?

SkaareWorks believes that brand renewal should precede any commitment to new branding.

Our process involves:

  • evaluating the alignment – or misalignment – between what your brand says and what your brand proponents – your employees – believe.
  • assessing the extent to which the corporate brand is known, understood, and followed by managers and others.
  • getting behind the words of the corporate strategy and messages and learn about management’s thinking that went into those messages. After discovering where the company is heading, we then look at how to modify the brand to support that direction.
  • scanning documents, marketing collateral, ads, email sign-offs, and other communication to identify consistencies and inconsistencies in how the brand is being communicated externally as well as internally.
  • analyzing the organizational structure and resources that support the brand.
  • recommending a practical, cost-effective plan, based on our findings, to modify (design, tagline) and substantiate the brand through stories, case histories, messages, and other communication.
  • organizing and implementing communication strategies that increase awareness of and respect for the organization’s positioning/branding, as well as persuading managers of the need for consistent compliance with branding policies and guidelines.

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