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Your upcoming intra-company conference promises to be captivating and motivational, with outside keynoters, an attendance list that generally reflects the organization’s makeup, and an agenda that addresses the critical issues of your organization.

However … you are troubled by the huge  per-person investment, with out-of-pocket expenses, lost productivity and profitability of off-the-job attendees, and the limited number of employees who participate and benefit.

You ask yourself,

  • What return should be expected from that investment?
  • Will attendees actually share and apply later what they learned?
  • Will learning stop when everyone heads for home on the last day?

To which, SkaareWorks asks:

  • What if you could convert your multi-day event for a relatively small group into a multi-year, always accessible online learning experience for the 95% of employees who could not attend the conference?
  • What if you could have at least 85 pieces of engaging and instructive content from the conference for your intranet portal, website, and other communication channels?

What We Do
Crazy, huh? Nope. SkaareWorks has done it. We extract a lot from what seems like a little because we know that a company conference is really a social network of resourceful people gathered in one place to exchange extensive information, deep knowledge, and innovative ideas that can benefit the organization and themselves.

In other words, a conference is an intranet portal of sorts.
We merely corral the conference content into business-relevant, high-interest, and easily digested learning.

The formats vary depending on the client’s objectives. SkaareWorks can turn content into online “courses,” company-wide forums, technical exchanges, practical teachings, and more.

For example …
To illustrate, here’s a list of what we could produce for your portal from just one keynote presenter:

  • 1 short, written human interest sketch, perhaps with an absorbing photo or two.
  • 1 life-lesson piece: e.g., overcoming a deficit; recovering from mistakes.
  • 2 book recommendations for the “Further Reading” portal section, with links to Amazon for purchasing.
  • 1 abstract from an industry journal or embeddable YouTube clip, in which the speaker comments on some company-related topic.
  • 1 block of videoclips lifted from the presentation and interview and organized by topic (state of industry, charting your career, etc.). Employees click on a topic of interest and watch the brief recording.
  • Click to see more possibilities.

Roughly, you should be able to reap 30 or more articles-images-factoids-videoclips-whatevers from just one speaker. More importantly, you will have created content that should encourage employees to be content-makers.

Our Approach
When you retain us to maximize your next management conference, here is what SkaareWorks will do:

  • Assess agenda materials and scope out opportunities and formats for content creation (interviews, videoclips, etc.).
  • Create a plan and schedule, obtain client approval, and coordinate arrangements with company and other presenters/participants.
  • Execute the plan and make onsite adjustments (e.g., spotting other opportunities for content-generation).
  • Edit all content (video, notes, etc.) into first drafts, review with client and the digital communication manager, and move to second and then final content.
  • Shape the prepared content into a variety of formats for the portal and other communication outlets.
  • Make recommendations for extending the value of the conference online and how to manage a similar project in-house for the next conference.

Why waste opportunity, money, and knowledge? Contact SkaareWorks to schedule a no -obligation, preliminary discussion about turning your next intra-organizational event into rich content for company-wide learning.



SkaareWorks’ skill in extracting and turning what’s important into engaging content has been tested and honed by some unusual challenges. He once was lauded by attendees at a two-day client conference for adeptly leading the discussion sessions – for which, unknown to them but known to the client, he had minimal industry expertise.

SkaareWorks’founder, Richard Skaare, has originated and hosted many forums, including video-online (early Internet) executive global town hall meetings, HUD conferences, and professional seminars. Additionally, he has served as rapporteur for management meetings, for which he produced issue publications. And he has created clever ways to turn seemingly small amounts of information into rich web content.