Generally, the higher people move in an organization, the more they believe that their communication skills were a major reason for advancement. Unfortunately, that leaves little room for admitting deficits and improving.

Attending communication seminars is awkward for those who are known for their ability to persuade (even though some, if not much, of that persuasion comes from their positions of authority). That’s why, for senior managers, one-on-one communication coaching works best.

SkaareWorks’ coaching starts where executives are most comfortable – with dialogue — and shows them how to:

  • translate a dialogue — or conversational — style into everything from managing group dynamics, such as in meetings, to writing energetically and presenting effectively;
  • handle communication under pressure, whether that involves, for example, a crisis or evaluating a troubling or troubled employee;
  • stay in control of media interviews and other difficult Q&A sessions;
  • maximize the capabilities of professionals in communication functions;
  • select those communication channels – social media, speeches, feedback sessions — where they can best leverage their styles.

Related case studies
Given the confidentiality of coaching assignments, case studies cannot be provided. However, Richard Skaare has been involved in:

  • coaching medical directors
  • advising CEOs on difficult employees
  • steering management through complicated issues of discrimination and substance abuse
  • handling disruptive, disgruntled, and indecisive employees as a manager

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