Writing to me is a process of knowing what I want to say and then determining what the audience will want to read.  The polished technique and exacting mechanics of writing are important, of course, but secondary to getting what’s in my mind — that is, my client’s mind — into the reader’s mind so we become like-minded.

I cannot think of a format for which I have not written, whether it be speeches, web copy, video scripts, promotional literature, business reports, and even legal documents and sympathy letters.  In all of those pieces, I simply talk with the audience as individuals with whom I have become acquainted.

In addition to hiring SkaareWorks to produce any of those formats, of special interest are two services: coaching and speechwriting.  I have wrapped up my coaching skills in a service called Impress Writing.  Speechwriting is also part coaching and part writing.  Over many years I have been a speaker and I have witnessed the best and the not-so-great presenters.  I believe clients can benefit greatly from my experience and observations.



Impress Writing

WritingServiceCTA-1As a leader, you are probably a good communicator – that is, until you have to write something important and quickly: a critical email, a presentation to senior management … whatever. Then the ideas in your head can’t seem to find the right words to express themselves.

What if you could have a skilled, affordable writing coach at any time to think and write with you, and teach you how to create reports, presentations — even emails — that impress, engage, motivate, and convince people to approve, buy, or change.

I and my team can convert whatever you write into powerful, polished, and persuasive communication – within 24 hours for most documents – and include notes and advice on how you can improve your writing next time.

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A speech is a fear-monger. It delights in making presenters quake. It causes them to hide behind safe, boilerplate text and wordy, embellished PowerPoints.

As a speechwriter, I know this monster and can yank him out from underneath the bed and show him for what he truly is: a motivator.

With experience writing speeches for Fortune 500 executives and others – and being a presenter himself – I work with executives and managers to:

  • Focus on communicating to the ear rather than the eye when preparing the speech text. Words that look good on paper may not sit well in the ear.
  • Draw mind-maps of ideas that leads listeners out from a central message to a sub-point, then back to the center, out to another sub-point, and back again.
  • Develop a cadence when presenting that keeps the audience engaged. Rhythm invigorates the speaker and the audience.
  • Compose text and graphics that win an audience’s attention and emotions quickly, hold them, and cause the audience to remember and later share what was said with colleagues.
  • Think and create economical presentations. Audiences remember the presenter — not her PowerPoints — maybe, two points, and stories.
  • Write speeches that capture audience interests and the executive/manager’s style.
  • Recast the speech text (and video/audio recording) into other venues such as organization’s portal, website and published articles.

Click to view excerpts from select speeches I have written.

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